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Customer Refuses To Pay Subscription. What to Do?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Handling Subscription Defaults: Best Practices for Dealing with Unpaid Subscription Dues.

 client refusing to pay annual subscription Defaulting on Subscription Fees.

Subscription fees are the predictable, stable income stream every business desires. But when those payments stop, especially for annual subscriptions, you don't just feel betrayed;; it; it; it it hurts your cash flow. If you're dealing with a defaulting customer, you're not alone. Here's your immediate game plan.

Why Do Companies Default on Annual Subscriptions?

  • Financial Crunch: Economic downturns, poor management, or unforeseen expenses might cramp a company's liquidity.

  • Operational Oversights: Sometimes, the accounts payable department overlooks bills or invoices get lost in the shuffle.

  • Strategic Defaults: A company might leverage its non-payment to renegotiate terms or prices.

  • The Bad Player: The bad player doesn't need a reason. They systematically dodge payments, taking advantage of businesses whenever possible.

  • The Slow Puck: For some, paying invoices isn't a priority. Unless nudged or forced, they won't make a move.

  • Business Bureaucracy: While they might easily sign up for your service, navigating their internal bureaucratic maze to get payment approvals can be daunting.

Whichever the reason, it’s a widespread issue. And its repercussions? A strangled cash flow, disrupted business planning, and hours of wasted time chasing payments. But remember, as a creditor, you have rights.

Your Rights and the Breach of Contract

If a customer breaches their contract by defaulting on payment, you possess the contractual right to enforce the agreement. The contract bounds both parties, and its violation empowers you to reclaim your dues.

The Action Plan: From Gentle Reminders to Legal Recourse

  1. Ask Directly: Before the confrontation, understand their reason. An open channel can often pave the way to resolutions.

  2. Send an Updated Invoice: Perhaps the original invoice went unnoticed or was misplaced. Providing an updated one with clear details, can sometimes prompt immediate payment.

  3. The Magic Message: An easy tactic to get businesses to pay their invoices. Proven to be effective.

  4. Final Demand: Draft a stern but professional letter. Here's a sample final demand that you can use.

  5. Engage a Collection Agency: If negotiations freeze, professionals can thaw them. Opt for a professional debt collection agency like Fair Capital that reports to commercial credit bureaus to leverage maximum pressure.

  6. Legal Action: Sometimes, you have to show you mean business.

  7. Small Claims Court: For smaller amounts, this is an effective and quicker route.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

While addressing defaulting customers is crucial, preventing such scenarios is optimal. Here's how:

  • Robust Contracts: A solid agreement will define clear terms, penalties for breaches, and ensure the debtor bears collection and legal costs. Setting Payment Terms for Your Invoice

  • Personal Guarantor: Having a personal guarantor drastically increases the odds of payment.

  • Business Credit Checks: Assess a company's likelihood of not paying before doing business with them.

  • Personalize Communication: Building rapport with clients can make financial conversations easier and more fruitful.

  • Automate Invoicing: Tech can be your ally. Ensure timely, accurate invoicing via automation tools.

  • Act Immediately: At the first sign of trouble, act. Delays can often compound the problem.

Why Fair Capital is Your Go-To Solution for Defaulted Subscription Fees and Business Debts

Navigating the maze of unpaid subscriptions and business debts is challenging. It's a drain on both time and resources, and every moment spent chasing a payment is a moment lost on growing your business. That's where Fair Capital comes in.

We specialize in commercial debt collection, and our success rate far exceeds the industry average. With a tailored approach that includes ethical practices and high-level negotiation skills, Fair Capital is not just a collection agency—it's your strategic partner in financial recovery.

Don't let unpaid invoices hold back your growth. Trust the experts to recover what's rightfully yours.

Take action now. Contact Fair Capital at (855) 505-5669 and let us turn your accounts receivables into cash, fast.

If your client refuses to pay your software, SaaS, or other subscription fee, what can you do?


If a customer breaches their subscription contract, what rights does a company have?

The company possesses the contractual right to enforce the agreement and reclaim the dues as the contract binds both parties.

What immediate actions can businesses take when facing defaulting subscribers?

Directly ask for reasons and understand their perspective.

  1. Resend the invoice in case the initial one was misplaced.

  2. Send a powerful reminder message.

  3. Issue a final demand with stern professionalism.

  4. If discussions stall, consider a reputable debt collection agency like Fair Capital.

  5. As a last resort, consider legal action or small claims court for smaller debts.


Disclaimer: Any and all information is not intended to be, nor is it, legal advice. Please consult your attorney for information concerning allowable rates of interest.

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