Avi, Rachel and Charles are all professionals. It always is concerning how past balances would be handled by an agency, however I could not be more impressed with Fair Capital. This company is professional with exceptional people and customer service. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Michael Cotter

Hudson Barter Exchange

Fair Capital has helped us track down and go after delinquent payers and those who have dealt unscrupulously with our company. Stuart has been incredibly helpful.

Kevin Brown CEO

Somerset Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

I was initially skeptical about sending any balances below $100 to collections because I have heard from numerous people that collection agencies only go after the big $.  

This is definitely not the case with Fair Capital!  I have been very pleased with the work Fair Capital has been doing for our medical practice's outstanding debt, and love the fact that I can access our accounts 24/7 to see what is being worked and collected upon.  


I also have to mention that the customer service I receive from XXXX and her team is outstanding!  

I couldn't be more pleased!

Carlene Schiavo

Yenty Lunger Monsey Trails

Fair Capital, has consistently delivered on their commitments. They achieved to collect in a decent and professional way and retrieved great results in a short period of time. I highly recommend.

Yitzchok Braun

                    Google review

Ralph B - Office Manager

Our Dental Clinic had a great experience working with Fair Capital. They were very helpful in retrieving our delinquent receivables. I would definitely recommend them for anyone in need of a debt collection agency.

Tamir Law Group

Shaya Gorkin from Tamir Law Group


The Bot Platform

Brilliant service with a team who get results. Highly recommend.

We were struggling with a few outstanding payments. It wasn't huge amounts but it was enough that we didn't want to lose. Luckily we contacted Fair Capital. Since then they have been incredibly reliable, professional and effective and we've received outstanding payments that we had previously assumed we'd never get.

Avi and the team are great. Give them a call - they're worth considering.

Tom Gibby

John To Go, Inc.

What a pleasure to working with you all, great job, clear understanding of our needs. 

Abe Breuer


Alternative Pest Control

Fair Capital was able to resolve our collection issue in under 60 days with better than 80% of the debt recovered. We will be using their services again without question. There was minimal participation on our part, which was perfect.

Ernie S

Pest Control Debt Collection Services

Fund Stone

Very pleasant staff


Fred Branin JDI

"Avi is a consummate professional and prides himself on excellent service and personal development."

M Green, CEO Food Distribution

Very good customer service, and quickly retrieved huge sums of money.5 star +


Really a great service and the team is highly communicate, professional and most important, very effective!

Tom Logan CEO

Alaa Gawish

                  Google review

Jay F.

I experience a high quality and well educated crew who turned my business in a debt free company and they are still keeping control on the accounts receivables holding up tight the financial services in our company. Thanks to Mr. Grunwald a CEO you can speak too anytime.Jay @ Builders Choice

Fred Silberman

The office I manage has been using Fair Capital for a little less than two years. They have a great staff. Always pleasant and helpful. They are always available to answer my questions and update me on my accounts whenever I like. Hiring Fair Capital was one of the best decisions we made. I can not count how many employee hours have been wasted trying to chase down patients with late payments. Their staff is super professional and we have had great returns on their service.

Mary S.

I will give you the best rating because you have the best collectors working for you. You make it easy to monitor accounts and respond quickly to our questions. I would definitely recommend Fair Capital

Supreme Medical Management

Great Company to deal with. Getting things done the professional way!!!!

Moshe Mann CEO

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