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Write for the Fair Capital blog

On our website, we welcome your original, well-written and comprehensive contributions.

Topic. As a general rule, we accept guest posts on the following themes:In general, posts we accept for guest content fall under the following themes:

  • Debt collection

  • Credit reporting

  • Accounts receivables

  • Billing

Posts should be 600 – 1,500 words in length. We find this is a sweet spot with our readership, and you’ll fit in with the rest of our blog this way. Longer is good, too.

Break up your content, so it’s easy to read. This means including headings, subheadings, bullets, and other visual elements to increase the readability of your piece.

Write in a natural, conversational tone. We want to share content that is authoritative, but not robotic.

All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We do not accept duplicate or syndicated content as guest posts. Your post cannot appear on our blog if it has already been published elsewhere. If you quote other content, link to it.

Guest Post Promotion

Blogger gets one link (dofollow) in bio.

Please feel free to promote your post through your social media, newsletter, or link to it from your blog.

Include a snippet of the post on your blog with a link to the original content on our site (this will avoid duplicate content penalties).


Disclaimer: Any and all information is not intended to be, nor is it, legal advice. Please consult your attorney for information concerning allowable rates of interest.

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