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Fair Capital's Approach to Litigation

Fair Capital litigated aggressively-our legal collection strategy

A Choice of Two Paths: Fair Capital's Unwavering Commitment to Lawful Collection

At Fair Capital, our days begin with a commitment. A commitment to do everything within our power to recover what is lawfully due to our clients. But how we fulfill that promise depends on the choices made by those we seek to engage with.

The Amicable Approach

Our preference, always, is to take the path of understanding and negotiate with debtors. We stand ready, arms outstretched, to work together, listen to circumstances, and find a solution that satisfies all parties. We believe in this approach, not merely as a strategy, but as a manifestation of our humanity and professional integrity.

But what happens when this path is not taken? What occurs when a hand extended in partnership is slapped away?

The Path of Aggressive Litigation

The decision to litigate is not one made lightly, nor gleefully. It's a choice forced upon us by those who decline our amicable approach. It is a step taken when there is no reasonable alternative.

Once this path is chosen, our demeanor changes. Our unwavering commitment to our clients transforms into an aggressive pursuit to recover every single penny. The soft words of negotiation harden into the relentless drive of litigation.

Settlements? Why should a settlement still be offered? This is not because we want it to be so, but because the debtor has made the choice to litigate. They have selected the treatment they wish to receive, and we oblige.

Our Daily Reality

This is not mere rhetoric; it's the reality we face daily at Fair Capital. The choices made by those we engage with determine the path we take. Our commitment to lawful collection never wavers, but the choices of debtors dictate the manner in which we fulfill that commitment.

Everyone has the choice: the amicable approach or the relentless pursuit. The consequences of that decision are clear and unequivocal.

For those who wish to understand, negotiate, and resolve, we are here, ready and willing.

For those who choose to refuse, the courtroom awaits.


Disclaimer: Any and all information is not intended to be, nor is it, legal advice. Please consult your attorney for information concerning allowable rates of interest.

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