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Compare your Account Receivables performance with peers in your industry to know exactly where your business stands.

Accounts receivable represents a significant asset for many companies. But how does your company’s Average Days Delinquent (ADD) compare to others? This report lists many industries by SIC code, along with the percentage of companies that are current on payments, then slow to 30 days late, slow to 60 days late, slow to 90 days late, and then severely delinquent at 91+ days late.

What is Benchmarking?
Benchmarking Is a method to answer “How are we doing?”.
Benchmarking is the process of measuring your performance when compared to national averages. Every day, you face pressure to be more efficient to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. Use this benchmarking report to diagnose your receivables operations, reveal inefficiencies, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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