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Our goal is always — to treat your bottom line as if it were our own.
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Commercial Collection Agency: Recover B2B Debts

We know how to get the person in charge to pay

Our trained commercial debt collectors are dedicated to working hard on behalf of our clients until we succeed in making your debtor pay what they owe.

We understand that recovering business debt can be a complex and challenging process, which is why we customize our approach to every account. Our commercial debt collectors adopt the language of the debtor and negotiate in a way that speaks directly to them, never giving up until we achieve maximum results.

Our strategic collection model has been designed to analyze and evaluate many factors, including when to call, which number to use, when to email, when to negotiate, settle, or escalate. This approach has delivered proven results time and time again, ensuring that our clients recover what they are owed and protect their bottom line.


We report to the commercial credit bureaus.

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Our Web-Based Portal

Real-Time Updates and Easy Account Management

Our comprehensive web-based portal keeps you informed in real-time. Easily send new accounts for collection, download custom reports, view payment activity, and more — any time, day or night.

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Transfer accounts easily


24/7 Secure access


Easily monitor all your accounts

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From Soft to Legal Collections

Your Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solution

At Fair Capital, we provide a harmonious blend of respectful conduct and effective debt recovery. Our journey begins with Soft Collections, diplomatically engaging with debtors, offering support, and fostering resolution. But when soft dialogue isn't enough, we escalate into Standard and Intensive Collections, utilizing more aggressive collection strategies in order to recover your debts.

Legal Collections (Optional)

When a debtor refuses to cooperate, our in-house or affiliate debt collection lawyers are ready to assist. Legal action may be recommended, such as filing a lawsuit to obtain a judgment and enforce it. We always consult our clients before initiating legal proceedings. Additional fees may apply.


Taking the lead in commercial debt collection

Choosing Fair Capital means choosing a B2B debt collection agency that will handle everything for you. 
A strategic workflow:
Our agency and workflow are structured to pay attention to each account to ensure we deliver maximum results. In fact, our success rate is among the highest in the industry.
In-house certified PCS collectors: 
Our in-house 100% US-based staff includes certified PCS debt collectors and trained professionals who know the best techniques in commercial debt collection; while obeying federal and state laws. ​In addition, you can rely on our collection team to use a diplomatic approach to persuade your commercial debtors to honor their obligations.
Innovative technology:
Fair Capital has invested in acquiring the best in class; hardware, software, and experienced personnel to provide state-of-the-art commercial debt collection services. In addition, we constantly innovate our technology, software and performance to stay ahead of the curve. 

We are always ready to provide the professionalism that you demand.

Brands We've Helped

What our clients say

Really a great service and the team is highly communicate, professional and most important, very effective!


Tom Logan, CEO-Cohley 

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