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Synergy is the timesaving app that connects to your accounting software and automatically routes your outstanding invoices to Fair Capital, putting us in charge of collecting your debts.

Setup in minutes  

Easy to customize

automatic debt collection integration

Recover More Outstanding Debts With Less Hassle


Synergy blends the power of automated invoice routing technology and human-touch debt collection strategies to save you time and boost your bottom line by recovering more of the debts owed to you. Configure the app to control what invoices come to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

Are Unpaid Invoices Holding Your Company Back?

When you're left with unpaid invoices, your company's success is in jeopardy. From lacking the capital to achieve your business growth to burdening your team with collections activities, unpaid invoices are a business reality that many companies aren’t equipped to deal with. 

We believe there’s a better way.

Automate Your Debt Recovery.

Don't trust your debt collection to chance.
With the right technology and industry expertise, you can collect on more debts without adding more staff or asking your current team to take on time-consuming collections activities they aren't properly trained to do.

Debt collection automated sync with QuickBooks
Your Company + Fair Capital, A Synergistic Partnership

Fair Capital is a New York-based debt collection agency that boasts decades of debt recovery success for clients across the country. Our Synergy technology plus proven collections strategies get our clients back more of their hard-earned money, helping them effortlessly save time and achieve their business growth goals.

Synergy Debt collection automated.gif
Synergy, powered by BBB A+ debt collection agency Fair Capital, lays the foundation for business success by automatically collecting on your invoices for you. 

Never again worry about sending invoices to your debt collection agency. Partner with Fair Capital and let Synergy do the time-consuming work of invoice routing for you. 

Simplify Your Debt Recovery Efforts


Easy Steps To Collect More Unpaid Invoices 

Connect and configure:

Sync your QuickBooks Online to Synergy, and Synergy will identify unpaid invoices and send them to Fair Capital.


Put the Professionals to Work: 

Fair Capital will carry out a complete, strategically proven debt collection campaign to get your debtor to pay their obligations.

collection agency

Get Paid: 

Congratulations! Once your debtor makes a payment to Fair Capital, you will receive a remittance check.

collected money

Adaptable To Your Needs

Synergy is fully configurable to your needs, giving you as much control over invoice routing as you want.


Delinquency days

Specify how many days must pass after an invoice becomes past due for it to go to collections.


Debt amount

Specify the minimum balance required for an invoice to be sent to collections.


Fully automated or review and confirm

Automatically route invoices to Fair Capital or opt for the Preview and Confirm option, giving you complete control of your invoice collections routing.

Success Stories

Discover how Fair Capital is transforming how our partners do business, turning debt collection from their biggest time-consuming challenge into an effortless advantage.

Synergy was a true game-changer for us.

Since we signed up, I have never had to worry about a client not paying us.


Julie Vlasova, Global Planning

Julie Vlasova, Co-Founder_edited.jpg
Automate Your Debt Recovery

Take control of your team’s time and collect on more owed debts with the power of Synergy and Fair Capital.

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