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Access a 360-degree profile of your debtor to increase your debt-recovery success rate!


Skip Tracing

What is skip tracing?
Skip tracing is a key element of debt collection.  It is the practice of locating an individual when account contact information is no longer valid.
Since accounts are not collectible without correct current contact information, skip tracing is used to locate the responsible individual so as to initiate the collection process and resolve any delinquency.

Skip tracing is especially helpful in cases where a debtor has not responded to repeated letters and phone calls.


Our state-of-the-art skip tracing technology gives us access to over 10,000 databases for a total of 125 billion (that’s right, billion) records—allowing our professional skip tracers to locate people, assets and businesses, and verify identities as necessary.


Our professional skip tracers will if necessary perform deep investigations to locate people, assets, businesses, and verify identities.

Put Fair Capital’s skip tracing technology and personnel to work for you!

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