Reduce Bad Debt in Your Veterinary Clinic While Maintaining Your Client Relationship


We Understand Veterinary Clinics


Are past due accounts bugging your Veterinary Clinic?

Maximize the revenue returned to your Animal Hospital.

Take control of your AR and boost your profits while keeping your customers happy.

As an Industry innovator in accounts receivable management, we have the right solutions to improve your cash flow, boost your profitability, and give you more time to focus on your clinic and your customers.

Fair Capital’s expertise in veterinary is framed by a proven track record. Our skilled professionals are trained to handle the collection of consumer debt in a respectful yet efficient manner.

With a debt collection agency like Fair Capital by your side, your clinic can expect maximum results while adhering to Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. 

The impact that slow or non-paying clients have on Veterinary Clinic's, is no secret. When accounts are going unpaid, it deeply impacts your bottom line. This is why it is essential for a Veterinary facility to be affiliated with an experienced debt collection agency. 

If We Don’t Collect, You Don’t Pay. Contingency option

Full Debt Collection Services

At Fair Capital, we use our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process in the Veterinary Industry. In fact, our success rate is among the highest in the industry.

Our in-house staff includes certified PCS debt collectors and trained professionals, who know the best techniques in debt collection; while making sure to obey federal and state law.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Pursuing payment on past-due accounts can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. When you hire Fair Capital, you essentially outsource the overwhelming task of pursuing collection on overdue payments. 

Leading the way with results

When you choose Fair Capital, you choose a collection agency who will handle everything for you.

Fair Capital deploys a proven diplomatic, strategic combination of multiple components designed to persuade debtors to honor their obligations.

To locate and contact debtors, Fair Capital uses the latest skip-tracing technology, databases and other methods—all compliant with state and federal regulations. 


Increase Revenue and Profitability for Your Veterinary Clinic

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Fair Capital has helped us track down and go after delinquent payers and those who have dealt unscrupulously with our company. Stuart has been incredibly helpful.

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Kevin Brown CEO

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