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An expert in medical Debt Collection

Maximum results with a positive approach

Being a member of the UCA will help your Bottom Line. 

UCA Members Exclusive Pricing.

Maximize the revenue returned to your Urgent Care.

Fair Capital is a full-service debt collection agency. Our mission is to help clients retrieve outstanding receivables in a professional and ethical manner.

Fair Capital’s expertise in the Urgent Care sector is framed by a proven track record. 
Our skilled professionals are trained to handle the collection of a variety of debt types including Copays, Deductibles, Coinsurance, Non-covered services or any other Out-of-pocket fees in a respectful yet efficient manner.

With a medical debt collection agency, like Fair Capital by your side, your Urgent Care can expect maximum results while adhering to the specialized regulations that come with healthcare collections.

The impact that slow or non-paying clients have on medical facilities is no secret. When accounts are going unpaid, it deeply impacts your bottom line. This is why it is essential for an Urgent Care to be affiliated with a debt collection agency experienced in retrieving medical debt. We retrieve hundreds of thousands of dollars to medical facilities by efficiently and morally collecting their outstanding receivables.

Your patients received care.  We’ll help you receive payment.
Fair Capital assists in collecting:
  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Coinsurance
  • Non-covered services
  • Any other out-of-pocket fees

Debt collection the easy way Online

Transfer accounts easily
 24/7 Secure access
Monitor all your accounts in one place

Our Online Portal is a cloud-based system allowing you to submit new accounts, review and update existing accounts and generate tailored reports.

At Fair Capital, we believe that medical collections demand the most delicate communications. We understand the position of healthcare providers in their communities and always strive to preserve and promote their reputations through positive patient relations.

Our professional collectors handle debtors with great respect and we approach every account with the realization that we are a direct reflection of our client. Fair Capital has a reputation in the collection industry as an agency that never resorts to aggressive collection tactics to liquidate delinquent accounts.

For us, it’s not just a moral principle or our company vision—but also the reason why Fair Capital boasts outstanding results like no one else.


24/7 online account information is available in real-time from anywhere.
Our system allows you to submit new accounts, review and update existing accounts, and generate tailored reports.


At Fair Capital, we know the importance of patient-information and medical-history privacy.  Our professional collectors receive ongoing training to keep them at the top of the game and ensure a high standard of compliance with HIPAA requirements of security, privacy, and data transmission. Furthermore,

proper education on federal and state laws are among the many areas of an ongoing study at our collection agency. 

No money, no fee option

Fair Capital mostly operates on a contingency basis, so you can rely on our “No Money, No Fee policy”. This means you receive your funds or our collection services are free, so there is nothing you can lose.

Respectful collection approach

Our professional collectors handle debtors with great respect, we approach every account with the realization that we are a direct reflection of our client. Fair Capital has a reputation in the collection industry as an agency that never resorts to aggressive collection tactics to liquidate delinquent accounts.

Compliant, licensed & bonded

Fair Capital employees are trained professionals who know the best techniques in collections while making sure to obey the law which includes the FDCPA FCRA and more. Our communications are always in accordance with state and federal law.

Top skip tracing technology

Skip-tracing is the process of tracking down individuals whose contact information is no longer accurate or unknown. At Fair Capital, we utilize top skip tracing technology to help us achieve maximum results. Our state-of-the-art skip tracing technology gives us access to over 10,000 databases for a total of 125 billion (that’s right, billion) records—allowing our professional skip tracers to locate people, assets and businesses, and verify identities as necessary. Our professional skip tracers will, if necessary, perform deep investigations to locate your debtor.

Credit reporting

We report non-payers directly to the credit bureaus. In general, a debt or delinquent account will negatively affect a debtor’s credit score for up to seven years. Experience has proven this to be an effective tool, as a debtor will often agree to a payment arrangement simply to avoid credit-score damage.

E&O insured

E&O coverage is intended to cover an honest mistake, error or omission, resulting from the professional services of a company. For a collection agency, the coverage most often defends debtor lawsuits stemming from their collection activity.

HIPAA compliant

We are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

ACA international member

ACA International is the largest debt collection association who ensures its members perform professionally and ethically. ACA International demands debtors be treated with dignity and respect.

NYSCA member

The NYSCA is an association of over 135 New York State collections agencies, whose purpose is to further promote the general welfare of the credit and collection industry and to provide its members with tools that help in running a better collections business. All NYSCA members have open access to a variety of free resources and are regulated by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

BBB accredited

24/7 Online portal access

Our online portal is a cloud-based system allowing you to submit new accounts, review and update existing accounts and generate tailored reports.

Reports and updates (Customizable)

With our system, you conveniently get to generate customizable reports to fit your needs.

High-performing collection strategy

With Fair Capital by your side, your business can expect maximum results while adhering to Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

Dedicated and adjustable to your specific needs

When it comes to debt collection a one-size-fit-all approach will usually be ineffective and a customized approach may be vital for success, that's why we offer flexibility in forming the collection process that fits best with your business model.



Striving to be the Gold Standard

Our agency and workflow are structured in a way that we pay attention to each and every account, to ensure we deliver maximum results. In fact, our success rate is among the highest in the industry.

Fair Capital has invested to acquire the best in class hardware, software, and experienced personnel to provide state-of-the-art collection services.

Our in-house staff includes certified PCS debt collectors and trained professionals, who know the best techniques in debt collection; while making sure to obey federal and state law.

We are always ready to provide the professionalism that you demand.

Leading the way with results

When you choose Fair Capital, you choose a collection agency that will handle everything for you.

Fair Capital deploys a proven diplomatic, strategic combination of multiple components designed to persuade debtors to honor their obligations.

To locate and contact debtors, Fair Capital uses the latest skip-tracing technology, databases and other methods—all compliant with state and federal regulations.  

Thinking of hiring a debt collection agency but not sure where to start?


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Really a great service and the team is highly communicate, professional and most important, very effective!


Tom Logan, CEO-Cohley 


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